Early Inspiration is passionate about children's development and stimulation, and how the effects of early intervention can enhance the young child’s learning potential. Educating and equipping parents and care-givers as to how they can enhance the child's development from an early age, through stimulation can be seen as imperative in the modern world. Through working with children's development and equipping parents and care-givers, the future leaders of South Africa are being equipped – educating them, inspiring them and birthing in them a desire to see this country flourish.

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Early Inspiration


Recent research in South Africa states that in order for there to be a sustainable, long-term beneficial outcome in children’s development, intervention is imperative. Since children are constantly developing and maturing, it is imperative to include programmes which can enhance their development from the early stages, as well as to ensure that intervention and stimulation are maintained for as long as possible.

Early intervention enables young children to gain an understanding of the cognitive concepts from an early age. The early years of a child’s life are years of rapid development and change. Each child is born with an enormous potential and possibilities, it is our duty to help these children grow and flourish, and by so doing, we ignite the power that is within them. This is what will truly make them powerful.

Child development