About Us

Find out more about us including: who we are, what we stand for and what we offer...

What We Do

Early Inspiration is passionate about children’s development and stimulation, and how the effects of early intervention can enhance the young child’s learning potential.

Educating and equipping parents and care-givers as to how they can enhance the child’s development from an early age, through stimulation can be seen as imperative in the modern world.

Through working with children’s development and equipping parents and care-givers, the future leaders of South Africa are being equipped – educating them, inspiring them and birthing in them a desire to see this country flourish.

Who We Are

It is proven that children who encounter good nutrition and stimulation in the early years are less likely to suffer from illness, struggle adapting to the school environment, repeat grades, drop out of school or need remedial and special attention. It is with these facts in mind that Early Inspiration believes in the following:

Vision & Mission

Enhancing young children’s intellectual development.

The mission of Early Inspiration is to enhance the development of young children in South Africa by providing appropriate stimulating activities while in the early childhood.

This will be achieved through providing quality educational and training opportunities by empowering practitioners with an understanding of early childhood development and the knowledge and skills to enhance the growth and development of young children.


The core values of the Early Inspiration Training Programme include honesty, integrity, Ubuntu, equality and a passion for the people of South Africa. Each human being should have the opportunity to develop to their full potential.

Strategic Objectives

Early Inspiration has established strategic planning initiatives considered critical to achieving its Mission and realizing its Vision. These initiatives are:

  • Being a vessel where quality teaching and mentoring services foster student learning and long-term success.
  • Investing in people through professional development and acknowledgment.
  • Linking hands with various organizations in South Africa to help children succeed.
  • Developing systems of continuous improvement and accountability.

Meet The Team

Meet the individuals that make up our passionate and dynamic team at Early Inspiration.

From left to right: Dr. Lauren Pringle | Claire Devine | Ntombizanele Njwabane | Jade Bouwer | Nonqaba Ntshona | Colleen Koesnell | Leonie Van Der Berg