Early Inspiration

The Early Inspiration Training Programme is designed specifically for current or prospective practitioners who deal directly with children aged birth to six who need to acquire skills which will enhance the overall development of young children.


The 8 month training programme is designed according to 8 modules which focus in great detail surrounding the development of children in totality.

The Early Inspiration Training Programme is a registered NQF Level 2 skills programme which is accredited with the ETDP SETA. On completion of the programme, and once deemed competent, learners will be issued with a certificate which is recognisable country-wide.

Early Inspiration offers a full Level 4 qualification in ECD (Qualification ID: 58761) which is accredited by the ETDP SETA and recognisable across South Africa.

The practitioners which have completed Level 2 skills training are included on the Level 4 qualification where they are challenged and implement the skill and knowledge during intensive training. The level 4 qualification takes 12 months and is consists of a number of on-site assessments, teacher training, exams, tests, research projects and practical activities.

Envisaged Early Inspiration Growth Chart of Development (for practitioners)
All of the Early Inspiration Training Programmes provide the practitioners with an understanding of young children’s development as well as acquiring the competencies and new skills to enhance the development of young children.

A breakdown of each of the modules follows, including the material supplied to each practitioner completing the Early Inspiration Training Programme.

Application forms can be downloaded by clicking on this link.


Hear what previous practitioners that have been a part of the Early Inspiration Training Programme have had to say:

"Ever since I started the Early Inspiration Training Programme, my knowledge has been broadened and my passion for children has deepened. I can truly say that participating in this course is an investment into the lives of children.' If you like working with children and want to help change their lives I would encourage you to come and join the group!" -Stephanie

"The course at Early Inspiration has opened my mind to what activities I can do with the children. I now know what I can do to help the babies grow and develop. Thank you Early Inspiration!" -Noluvuyo

"The Early Inspiration course has meant a lot to me because it gives me the strength to cope with everyday life with the young children. I now understand how the children grow and what I must do to help them. I will create more awareness, even to other parents and care-givers about what I have learned here! Thank you Early Inspiration." -Portia

"Before I started at Early Inspiration I never knew as much about children as I know now! The information that we learn is always taught to us clearly so that we understand what is being said. Its such fun and very interesting! Thank you for this opportunity Early Inspiration!" -Angelique

"Thank you to Early Inspiration for teaching us how to invest in children's lives. I am so grateful for this knowledge and opportunity to learn. I am very proud to say that I am an Early Inspiration Student!" -Gordon "Early Inspiration Training has helped me a lot with understanding children. I know that I am now a better teacher, mother and care-giver. Thank you Early Inspiration." -Colleen

"Early Inspiration has helped me to understand that children have specific needs - physically, emotionally, cognitively, play, socially and language needs. These are all very important. Thank you to Early Inspiration for this opportunity." -Gcobisa

"God really blessed me by giving me a chance to study through Early Inspiration. I have learned to explore the ways in which children develop and learn. Thank you Early Inspiration!" -Virginia

"The Early Inspiration Course has honestly been a wonderful refreshing experience for me. I have learned that it is vital for children to receive necessary stimulation from the moment they are born in order to develop into a successful, ambitious human being. My understanding of 'investing' in children's lives has been challenged - I have a responsibility, the opportunity and the knowledge to make sustainable differences in the lives of young children. Early Inspiration has made it possible for me to impact the children of South Africa - Thank you!" -Kim

Child DevelopmentEarly Inspiration


Here we focus on brain development, how different children grow and develop. We also go into detail about a lack of stimulation and how this can have detrimental effects on young children.

We discuss various factors which could negatively impact on the ‘general framework of development’ and what can therefore hinder children’s development together with ways in which practitioners can intervene.

Practitioners receive a TRAINING MANUAL
Practitioners receive a PORTFOLIO OF EVIDENCE

Early Inspirations


We discuss in great detail the 5 domains of development (physical-motor, social and emotional, play, language and speech and cognitive development). Elements which impact the growth in children as well as developing an in depth understanding of each domain of growth and development.

Child Development


During this module time is spent exploring creativity – what is creativity, how can you introduce creative work into the daily programme, being creative with waste and making something from nothing. This is a very practical module and gives practitioners the confidence to allow their children to explore creative apparatus.

Early Inspirations


Here we deal with the importance of getting the community and the parents to ‘buy into’ early intervention. We encourage community participation and discuss the importance thereof. Practitioners design a community event of their choice which they implement. This always proves to be a very exciting activity. The implementation and planning of the event is observed and assessed.

Child Training


We deal with various age groups from birth to 6 years which highlight characteristics which can be expected of children in each age group. We also discuss over 400 activities which can be done with children in the different age groups which are designed according to the 5 domains of development.

Practitioners receive a GRADE R ACTIVITIES Manual (89 pages of school-readiness activities for Grade R children)                                                Early Inspirations


This module deals specifically with planning and preparations for the classroom, as well as equipping practitioners on interacting in a meaningful way with the children (group work and individual settings).

We deal quite specifically with the Grade R classroom – what it should look like, what elements need to be included, various ‘corners’, etc.

Practitioners receive a PLANNING BOOKLET Practitioners also receive CLASSROOM MATERIAL (posters, birthday chart, words, colour and shape charts, etc).                        Early Inspirations


Here we encounter effective assessment strategies, discuss various ways in which to assess young children as well as the importance of understanding assessment and planning as one.

Practitioners receive CHILD PORTFOLIO’S for each child in their class.
Practitioners receive an ASSESSMENT FILE with assessments from birth – 6 years old as well as MONTHLY ASSESSMENTS for each child in their class.
Early Inspirations


In the administration module we deal with ways in which to read, write and understand texts. We spend time going through articles on early intervention, relating them to the individual situation and reflecting. We also focus on writing childrens’ reports and feedback to parents.

Early Inspiration